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Our company is located in a town, which is centre and captaincy of the Mediterranean Sea, with over three thousand years of history. From this place we hope to be a real bet for the future to face 21st century.

Every single member in our company did their best to adapt our installations, become a competitive company and position us within the main Spanish companies of promotional advertising gift manufacturers and suppliers market.

Nowadays, our company group is developing its activity in such different sectors as those linked to real estate, building materials, hotel industry, graphic design and new technologies. Furthermore, we count on from production factories to service companies, all the way up to the trade market. For this reason our company group is becoming one of the most important in the Spanish South-East.

We count on a modern industrial complex, which extends over 10 000 square meters under control of a smart logistic centre. This centre was designed and developed to bring our company and customers further in progress in order to achieve better service and quality and an unequalable price, both in national and international market.

We owe this success to our main asset: our customers, who have been relying on us and have turned C.I.F.R.A. into a benchmark, with very promising future perspectives, within international market. For all the reasons mentioned above, we would like to show our gratitude to all our customers.